Where would you go? What would you do?

Its summer break for all the students who are old enough to start jobs. Unfortunately, for most adults and teenagers, they have either part time or full time jobs.

Ive been thinking about a topic to write about for a while….so here goes…I realized that some people want to go on and explore the world instead of being stuck in an office. Unless you have a spectacular job that you absolutely love.
What would you do if you had three months off of.. Well… Life? Where would you go? Would you go hiking to the most beautiful sights of the world, seeing from high up to the air or low into the depths of the ocean? Would you look at ancient monuments that have been around for centuries, or just go to a modern museum and explore the arts?
There’s so much we can do in our lives, and so much to explore in such little time. From having meaningful moments with our families, to traveling to different parts of the world for a bigger moment to arrive!
From watching concerts of your favorite artists, to staying at home and relaxing from a long, hard day. We have such a short life to live, and many opportunities to express ourselves and maybe even make a difference in the world.
We never know what the future might hold, which is a scary thought. But, until then, and until school starts, I’m just going to chill and relax, and maybe even bond with my family and friends!
Until next time,
Yanna <3


School is incredibly stressful right now.

With teachers putting heavier weights on their student’s shoulders, and huge finals that can kill your grade.

All in all, school is pretty amazing. The projects can be fun and the teachers are usually really jubilant about it, until June finally hits.

In my school, we have these warnings called blue slips. If you get three, you get an office referral or an email home and you have to email your parents. In June, they dont give out warnings. Straight up office referrals.

So now, I have to do 4 upcoming finals, and its stressful. Fun, sure. But definitely makes your head spin.

Although, I have to say that all of the end of the year events are incredibly fun! Our school talent show and dance is coming up, and I’m really excited for them. I went to our schools band concert, and it was stunning. Also, I attended my choir concert, which I sang Flashlight by Jesse J. As a solo, and it was really fun!

So really, I have learned that school is exciting and exhilarating, but at the same time exhausting and stressful.

What Would You Do If You Were A BUFFALO?


Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming! And lemme tell you, its GORGEOUS! The wildlife just roaming around you and all of the beautiful sights.  One thing that scared me and my family the most were the buffalos. They would just stare at us, daring us to challenge them. But really, who would challenge a buffalo? They would cross the roads RIGHT in front of us, and it’s thrilling!

Then, I started having this thought. “If I was a buffalo, would I charge at humans or their cars?”

I came up with four categories:

-the prankster     -the anger issue buffalo     -the lazy buffalo    -the scared buffalo

The prankster buffalo would charge up to the car, but right when they get close enough, the buffalo would stop, scaring the humans. Personally, I would like to be the prankster buffalo!

The anger issue buffalo doesn’t care if you were doing anything wrong. They’d either glare at you, or charge anyways. This, as you can see, is the scariest and the most terrifying buffalo. Luckily we didnt come across any of these!

 The lazy buffalo doesn’t care that theres humans, and would just go do what they want, much on grass, cross the road. The usual buffalo things. This is the most calm buffalo in the list of categories.

Now, the scary buffalo is the one who is filled with pride and struts their stuff! Until a human comes.  Then they run off, scared and petrified. This is hilarious to see, which unfortunately I didn’t see on my trip.

What buffalo would you want to be? Have you ever gone to Yellowstone Park? If so, what did you see? If you haven’t, imagine what you’d think you’d see!



Where Would You Go?

Soon…. as in tomorrow, I’m going to be exploring the US for a bit! From seeing the great Mount Rushmore to going to a potato museum. Where would you want to go if you had the choice to go anywhere you want for 5 days? Would you go out of country, or out of city?Would you take dangerous hikes to see beautiful views, or take a drive and see national parks?

 Would you do a long road trip or go by plane? Would you be adventurous and explore new heights or stay in your comfort zone and stay in your country?  There are so many things that we will miss out in life. From saying sorry to people that we feel bad for or going to places we regret not going to. I dont want to be one of those people who’s goals is to travel around the world, even though thats pretty cool!  Maybe one day I’ll be able to do that, but there’s a slim chance of that actually happening. So, I’m traveling around my country little by little, learning new things I never even knew existed! From beautiful falls an geysers to a corn palace with art made of corn!

What sights would you want to see and what cultures would you want to learn? From food, clothing and language to traditions and physical features of a landacape. would you be a risk taker and do anything even if it gets you in trouble, or would you be more subtle and take few risks but stay in the safe zone? The choice is ours to make. – Yanna


What if…..?

What if, I didnt break my ankle that faithful day, 6 years ago? Well, I wouldn’t be making this blog probably. If I never broke my ankle, I would be a basketball player, and follow my mothers footsteps. Maybe even becoming a pro! When I injured my ankle, I wasn’t able to play sports with a huge cast on my leg. That was when I started taking voice lessons, and to simplify the rest of the story, I got better and better and here I am today.

But recently, I’ve been wondering what would have happened if I went into sports instead of singing. Would I be at the school I’m at now? Would I have gone to online school? Would my parents meet? Would I be where I am today? So I be a completely different person? Would I look differently? Would I go through the hardship I’ve been experiencing? Would I ever have started singing?


I know that these questions might never have answers, but its good to think about.  Also, did you hear about the billboard music awards? BTS WON AGAINS JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! I’m still fangirling 2 days after the event. Well, I’ll talk to you guys later! -Yanna


Hi again. I’m still awkward as ever, if you must know. Today, it was supposed to be a regular day at school. But NO! It just had to be an eventful Wednesday. Today, I signed up for auditions for my schools’ all girls choir. I’m excited, but I’m really nervous because I feel like I’m not as prepared as other people. It’s called, “Bellevoche.” Fancy name, right? Well, all the best singers go there, and I’m really nervous to audition. I’ve gotten  into an all-state choir before, when only 150 people in my grade were selected around the state. But, I feel like my choir teacher is far more strict. Anyways, I also did an audition today for my choir too. It’s called Social Spotlight, and the teacher let all the students vote for one person to get the solo. I auditioned and I felt really bad because another girl auditioned.

She said, “You’re gonna get the part.” When she said that, I refused to get my hopes up, because I don’t know what the future holds! A boy in my class, lets just name him Bob, came up to me. He kept on yelling, “You made me cry! You made me cry!” While wiping fake tears. It was hilarious, and also touching to know that someone enjoyed my talent. If I don’t make it, I’m proud of myself because I was able to perform in front of my classmates. I don’t really like to show off because I’m worried that people get jealous. In the past, people have gotten jealous and started spreading rumors and just talking bad about me in general. But, I don’t listen to them. I know who my real friends are and the ones who aren’t… just to tear me down. Never let someone control you, or make you do things you’ll regret. Hope you guys had/have a wonderful day!
P.S. I’m really excited for the billboard awards, because BTS is the first k-pop band to ever be nominated for one! They were nominated for Top Social Artist, and went again Shawn Mendez, Ariana Grande, and even Justin Bieber. On the Twitter votes, the highest was 13 million by the “Beliebers”. But, us A.R.M.Y’s came through with 145 million votes! It’s on Sunday, May 21st and I’m so pumped!

Warning! CRINGEY!

Hi. I know, I’m awkward. Anyways, my name is Ariyanna (If you haven’t checked the name of the website already), and I’m just a 12 year old girl trying to follow her dreams. I know, there’s a lot of talented people who are my age, but I hope I can prove to you that I can become a great singer, and that maybe one day you can see me on television. So, this is a first for me. I’ve never blogged before, so this is completely new to me. Don’t expect fantastic, well-written huge novels you see on famous websites. Maybe it will in the future, but I don’t know what the future holds! Well, thank you for supporting me on my journey to show more of my talent, and I hope you guys enjoy!

Warning, obstacles in the path! Might include:
– Judgmental people
– Jealous people
– Dogs who bark all the time
– fan-girling over Korean men
– Tests in school!
– Memes, they’re everywhere
– Fidget spinners
– Just drama in general.
Hope you can make it through all the obstacles with me!